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Best DPF Delete Kit | Best DEF Delete Kit 2021

DPF Delete Benefits & Issues on Heavy Trucks



DPF History. DPFs started appearing on diesel cars around 1999. Most car manufacturers started to fit the DPF flters in order to reduce vehicles emissions. Like catalytic converters on petrol cars, they sit in the exhaust pipe and trap the large soot particulates before they have a chance to escape to the atmosphere.Diesel cars fitted with DPFs might not be suitable for someone doing mostly urban mileage – The problem is that prolonged town driving can choke the DPF up.

If that happens a warning light will appear on the dash recommending you start a regeneration process to burn it off. This can involve driving for 20 minutes at a constant 40mph – easier said than done if you live in built up area and restricted by 30mph speed limit. If you ignore the light a second may then appear, by which time your DPF has had it and a big bill is heading your way and leaving your car in limp mode

DPF Delete Parts Roundup

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DPF stands for Diesel Particulate Filter. This name applauds us everything about what it is and what it is capable of. Diesel particulate filter is, in fact, a filter that is installed in the exhaust system of vehicles and is meant to filters soot and some other particulates from engine exhaust.

DPF Removal Delete Service Northern Ireland. A diesel particulate filter (DPF) on a car with a diesel engine has been known to cause engine problems due too high back pressure, soot build up in the exhaust system and display warning lights on the dashboard. If you have a blocked DPF you will notice the vehicle is under performing and providing low fuel consumption. We can remove DPF filters for All Makes and Models and specialise in DPF Removal/Delete for Mazda, Toyota and Lexus.

Not only this, but the soot is then stored in a specified and channelized compartment that is specifically added for this purpose, within the exhaust system until it is filled to its extreme. This way, it allows the vehicle to start with a process called regeneration cycle while using fuel to burn off the accumulated soot.

The DPF delete is mounted to meet all the requirements for the standards relating to emissions and exhaust of gases from the exhaust systems of the Diesel cars, made around 2007 for Diesel engine manufacturers.

DPF is included in the exhaust systems as a standard component in modern-day’s heavy-duty trucks or diesel cars. This is categorized as one of the most problematic components in a vehicle that not only harms its performance but also lessen up its fuel economy and increases the graph of maintenance.

That is why most of the manufacturers have now opted to remove this particulate filter from the vehicle as a common practice simply known as DPF Delete.

Have you ever had this question in your mind? “DPF Delete or DEF Delete”? A big question that vehicle owners are asking and expecting to get proper answer. Let’s take the tour to see what the answer is by following our review below.

Some common terms of vehicle that you may need to know: DPF or DEF, DOC, SCR, and EGR. These terms are very important. If you own vehicles, you should know these well. Understanding these terms can help you maintain your vehicles well.

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Through the exhaust, gases were ejected from the engine and considered waste products. And since it’s like removing wastes inside your car engine, exhausts primarily give just the right amount of help to make your car perform at its best! And this system doesn’t only give the greatest engine performance level but also a top-notch assurance for the lowest prices! So if you need systems that are valuable enough for a better engine routine, try the exhaust systems from DefDeletekits.com

TOP Best Mini Maxx tuner

Considering applying a diesel exhaust fluid refractometer can be a good solution for your DEF or DPF maintenance.

It is obvious that nobody wants to slow down his or her vehicle, especially heavy trucks, with additional equipment. For this situation, the emission technology is the main point to consider, but it is mandated by the LAW.

Below is the list of kits that your vehicle should be equipped.

1> EGR Valve Kit
2> Pipe Back Exhaust System Kit
3> Injector Seal Kit
4> Cylinder Head Pair
5> Cold Air Intake Kit
6> Gasket Set
7> DPF Delete Pipe
8> Performance Tuner
9> Delete Tuner
10> Delete Cummins Diesel
11> DownPipe Down Pipe
12> Cooler Delete Gaskets

What is DPF?


The combustion process in a diesel engine will result in two by-products. These by-products are gasses and solid particulates. These particulates are very much like soot. You really can’t do anything about the gasses, but for the solid particulates, it is filtered by the honeycomb structure of the diesel particulate filter (DPF in short) to prevent unnecessary emissions.

Ideally, this soot is burned through either active or passive ‘regeneration’. This is a process that should keep the filter clean and your engine running at full efficiency. The problem is,, DPFs have their own set of issues and are the center of a rampant controversy (we’ll talk about this in a bit).

What does the DPF Delete do?

DPF Delete is the way to get things better and channelize the fuel economy according to the standards. DPF was designed to capture soot and some other particulates from the exhaust gases before they were released in an open environment. But it had started posing presents logistical issues about cleaning exhaust gases as well as clogging things up to escalate the problem even further.

Over time, it is meant to clog the soot and other components, while paving the way of crucial maintenance relating to the engine and its operations as well. This way, unexpected maintenance is escalated cutting down the profits and increasing costs to runs and maintain. DPF limits the performance of the engine with a low fuel economy leading to performance and production issues. With these issues and problems, most of the drivers and fleet managers decided to have this DPF deleted.

Going on with DPF delete, it removes a vehicle’s problematic Diesel Particulate Filter and keeps the computer system on track to function without this DPF filter. For this purpose, DPF delete kits are available from many manufacturers. DPF delete kits are comprised of two main components, including the exhaust and the tuner. Out of these two components, the exhaust works on replacing the DPF, while the tuner is installed to disable the vehicle’s regeneration mode.

Does DPF Delete increase horsepower?

With a DPF delete kit being installed, your vehicle will have increased horsepower and better fuel economy. Not only this, but it escalates your vehicle’s life span. But, you must keep in mind that you should get this service done by an expert bagging a lot of experience dealing with performance equipment and installations over a large number and make of vehicles.

With all these precautions and measures to escalate fuel economy and better the performance, DPF Delete Tuner or simply, Delete Tuner is installed. One of the best Delete Tuners in town is H & S Performance Mini Maxx. This tuner is made while keeping into consideration the needs of different vehicle manufacturers and makes. This enthusiastic H&S performance Mini Maxx comes up with preloaded tunes allowing you to delete everything related to accumulated emission components while guaranteeing that there is no need to check engine lights or diagnostic trouble codes.

Most of the individuals who have opted for this Mini Maxx delete tunes are evidencing an increase in mileage while using it with a right DPF delete pipe. At the time when you have chosen an appropriate DPF delete tuner for your vehicle, your DPF exhaust regeneration cycles will go to inactivity while maintaining your performance.

Going on with the choices of performance tuners, you must keep in mind that the tuner you are going to opt for is capable of working with your specific vehicle or your specific make and manufacturer and is capable enough to work with your vehicle’s computer to remove the codes, associated with Diesel Particulate Filter.

There is a large number of choices available for delete tuners or performance tuners for your specific engine, but there would be only a few performance tuners possessing the ability to work as a DPF delete tuner. H&S performance tuner is one of the best tuners available in town possessing the capability to attain the trust of most of the manufacturers. This tuner can delete the DPF codes with or without a custom tune.

Most of the delete tuners or performance tuners are designed while keeping in mind the off-road requirements to boost the performance of the engine. While in contrast, if you live in a far-flung area and possess no such requirements, the Mini Maxx performance tuner is still as reasonable performance tuner to tune your vehicle’s engine and make things better while escalating the performance and getting better mileage.

The delete tuners are designed to remove all exhaust components accumulated in the DPF system or the exhaust system while working on turning off the codes related to DPF systems and sensors.

These performance tuners are designed to disable the Exhaust Gas Re-circulation function, related check lights, and diagnostic trouble codes.
Moving on with these performance escalators, if your vehicle uses a urea injection system, these tuners will turn it off completely, while allowing you to remove every related sensor.

If you opt for Mini Maxx tuner, you will become able to end up your vehicle’s cat without any popping up DTCs or check lights. These tuners will allow you to use high sulfur diesel, making it possible for you in underdeveloped areas having no options for buying ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel.

This will escalate a significant increase in mileage while increasing, on average, between 2-4 MPG, as well as, up to 5 MPG increase. These results may differ due to driving habits, driving conditions, fuel type, and tire sizes, impacting the results in a way according to their implications.

Improved Fuel Mileage

Since the DPF clogs it up raises backpressure. As a result of this pressure, the gas flow is enormously troubled and slowed . Thus, when you eliminate the filter, the gas flows considerably easily and quicker, increasing the general fuel mileage. Who doesn’t wish to cut back on their gas expenses?

Does DPF Delete increase MPG?

Assessing your EGR will enhance your mpg, little the distinction is really little it’ll be hardly noticeable. However, if eliminated you’ll steer clear of the carbon buildup on your intake manifold, then ant which may make a fairly noticeable gap.

Eliminating your DPF is likely to create a larger difference, based upon your engine, about +10% energy grow, and less gas consumption.

Among the greatest reasons why individuals using diesel engines eliminate DPF is it helps enhance MPG. Whether you have a Cummins or some Powerstroke, taking away the DPF can deliver noticeable fluctuations in the MPG. We can’t maintain any specific amount or worth, but it’s really an effective way of raising MPG.

The cause for this is your backpressure. Since DPF readily clogs up, the backpressure raises, which doesn’t allow the gas to flow throughout the motor economically. Additionally, it uses more energy and, thus, absorbs more fuel. The growth of MPG your motor will encounter hugely depends upon just how clogged the DPF is still.

DPF Delete 101

There are perks to owning a diesel-powered truck. There is very noticeable a difference between gasoline and diesel in terms of cost. In truth, diesel trucks costs more up front. Expect cost to be even higher if we are talking about heavy-duty truck models. But, those are just upfront costs. You will be able to get your investment back after a few years, since diesel-powered trucks are known to last longer than gasoline-powered ones.

You will even end up saving money on diesel fuel. But the thing is, in order to get the most out of your diesel-powered truck, you need to do a few modifications. One of these modifications is the DPF Delete. This article will explain everything you need to know about DPF Delete.

Benefits of Removing DPF

By removing the diesel particulate filter and reprogramming the ECU will eliminate any previous DPF problems, and in the long run save you time and money. Removing the DPF completely will:

  • Improve the vehicles torque and performance
  • Avoid any future DPF problems
  • No more DPF warning lights ever again
  • Save money on service maintenance costs
  • Restore your vehicles fuel consumption

DPF Disadvantages

In theory, DPFs are great, but the reality is quite different. The truth is, DPFs can cause lots of issues once you take an engine out of the lab and run it in the real world. First, DPFs have a limited lifespan. Its lifespan generally ranges from 50,000 to 150,000 miles, depending on how old the vehicle is. Then, it requires either professional cleaning or replacement from time to time. The cleaning and replacement isn’t also an easy task and will force you to add it to your budget every couple of years.

Other common issues associated with DPFs are those with the regeneration process. There is extended passive regeneration occurring when on long drives. This is initiated automatically when there is an increase in temperature. Since most owners of diesel-powered trucks operate in urban environments, so naturally, they don’t get enough open-road time. That’s why manufacturers have also included active regeneration cycles in most diesel engines.

This active regeneration cycle injects raw diesel into the exhaust system, thereby raising the temperature and initiating regeneration. But if either the active or passive regeneration is interrupted, the incineration will not be completed. The particles that were not properly burned will then clog the DPF.

The best-case-scenario is it will result in backpressure in the exhaust system, which will then lead to reduced engine efficiency, lower mileage and increased fuel consumption. The worst-case-scenario is it can result in your truck going into ‘limp mode’, which what you don’t really want because it will force you to bring the truck into a repair shop for a thorough cleaning or even replacement of the DPF. And as you know, that will be worth thousands of dollars in unwanted expenses.

What Are DPF Delete Kits?

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to the issues presented above. If you want to get the best performance from a diesel engine, deleting or removing the DPF system of your engine is now a viable option. This has become popular in response to a growing demand from owners who want the full performance and fuel economy that their diesel-powered vehicles are designed to provide. All you need is to get a DPF Delete. But what exactly is a DPF Delete Kit? Let’s elaborate on that below.

DPF Delete kits are bolt on kits that can be easily fitted to your truck and replace the DPF. Upon installation, it will result in better airflow, better performance, and better fuel consumption for your engine. Plus, removing the DPF will also let you use certain Biofuels to power your truck. This is not possible if your engine is fitted with a DPF.

How Do You Remove The DPF System?

The removal of the DPF system is actually pretty simple and can actually be done by any mechanic worth his or her salt. Once the original DPF is removed, the mechanic has to install a replacement pipe to fill the gap in the exhaust system. The system will also need a diesel tuner to ensure that the sensors controlling your truck’s DPF regeneration cycle will not be affected by the delete.

You don’t have to worry though because when you purchase a DPF delete kit, these parts will be supplied. After the mechanic has removed the DPF, replaced it with the kit and reset the sensors, you will now notice an immediate and significant improvement in horsepower as well as torque. You will also see a reduction in fuel consumption. This is the mains reason why DPF delete kits are becoming more popular with truck owners who want maximum performance and improved fuel efficiency from their trucks.

How to remove diesel particulate filter on a PowerStroke?

The diesel filter (or DPF, for its acronym in English) is a device installed in modern diesel engines as the Ford Powerstroke. Removes soot from the exhaust gases, reducing pollution levels and eliminates exhaust black typical diesel vehicles. The owner of a vehicle intending to remove the DPF system to gain a little more power and efficiency, should consider the installation of DPF delete kits may void the vehicle’s warranty and violates state and federal standard emissions.


  • Park your Powerstroke on flat land. Glide underneath and orient yourself with the DPF. Will the large container under the truck with heat shields and sensors in the front and rear. Follow the headwaters of the exhaust under the car. The DPF will start about a foot (30 cm) behind the transfer case.
  • Penetrating lubricant sprayed with bolts connecting the DPF to the exhaust and along oxygen sensors installed in the DPF.
  • Remove the single screw clamp on the rear of the DPF.
  • Unscrew the six screws holding the DPF to the front of the exhaust using an die of 17 mm. The upper bolts will a bracket for the pressure sensor. Will doubly screw, so that eliminates the first screw and removes the sensor bracket pressure and withdraws the second screw holding the DPF to escape.
  • Disconnects the temperature sensor exhaust found at either end of the DPF disconnecting wiring harness which lies near exhaust hangers.
  • Penetrating lubricant sprayed rubber hooks holding the DPF in place. It uses a large flat blade screwdriver to remove the DPF rubber hook. The DPF will sink now that not connected. Get the exhaust system back and set it aside. Depending on your removal kit, you can re-use the gasket on the front of the DPF with the new kit.
  • Uses a key of 13 mm to remove the temperature sensor exhaust gas that is installed on la section posterior of the DPF. Installing the sensor EGT in ew drain pipe DPF, then place in the storage location by inserting the rear of the removal line in the exhaust, then aligns the front and inserts bolts. Includes the sensor bracket at the top with double nut.



Legal Implications of DPF Delete Kits

The main purpose of a DPF is to reduce diesel particulates emitted by your truck. Once you delete it, the obvious result will be an increase in emission. So this brings us to the question of legality. Deleting your DPF is allowable under certain conditions. Commonly, this is permissible for closed-track racing and other professional applications. You do have to be aware that a DPF delete kit cannot legally be installed on any vehicle registered or certified for highway use.

This is due to the antiquated draconian legislation dating back almost 50 years. The Clean Air Act of 1970 prohibits owners the right to modify their vehicles as they see fit, even though there is an obvious and dramatic improvement in engine performance. There are also various state and local laws that can also be applied to removing the DPF system of your truck. So we recommend you find out how it could affect you before you pull the trigger. You might regret it later on.

So there you go. These are all the information you need to know about DPF Delete. Hopefully this article has clarified everythintg you wanted to know about DPF delete. Remember, it pays to be well informed.View more with

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