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12 degrees Fahrenheit The Point of freezing for DEF is 12 degrees Fahrenheit and -11 degrees Celsius. Low temperatures are best for driving. Temperatures It’s important to allow for some space in the def tank. If you are interested in the def tank is full when it freezes the water will expand, and the tank could be cracked.

DEF is two-thirds water also will freeze in reduced temperatures. That means you might have suspended def fluid.

Using DEF (gas exhaust liquid ) currently being demanded in the majority of diesel engines created after 2010 so as to lower NOx emissions, and a lot of owners have concerns in relation to the way DEF is influenced by surroundings that experience freezing temperature. Being manufactured from deionized water and urea, DEF is vulnerable to freezing when subjected to temperatures 12F or even lower. But, there are lots of ideas and guidelines to follow which can allow you to navigate a scenario if you should locate your DEF has suspended.

In case DEF will suspend, if in your car’s tank or at the DEF storage tank, then there’s absolutely not any need to be worried about the quality being changed. DEF quickly thaws and preserves its preceding quality. But, frozen DEF can enlarge around 7 percent, which may lead to damage to the storage tank if it’s totally full once the freezing happens. Because of this, DEF ought to be saved in a container that has some bend to operate with or leave space for growth.

It is important to keep it correctly, particularly during the winter months, to make it preserves its own purity and can perform its goal. Below are a few suggestions advocated by DEF producers and providers for keeping DEF throughout winter.

As a few do use their gas fuel, it’s advisable against adding some additives for your DEF to attempt to protect against freezing, jelling, or even changing the freezing stage. DEF is closely made merchandise made to specifications determined by the EPA under ISO 22241 to function together with all the SCR-designed systems.

It’s essential that your DEF used stays pure, and even though fully suspended, the SCR systems were created using a heating component made to immediately thaw the DEF straight back into its liquid state. Though your automobile may begin without difficulty, it’s crucial to permit time to get the DEF to develop into liquid prior to driving as many vehicles have constraints in place to stop the motor from running in its entire capability.

The very perfect approach to prevent freezing completely is to keep your DEF within an indoor, pristine atmosphere. If that isn’t possible on your situation, use your regional DEF supplier or gear supplier to research unique solutions that may save your fluids within a insulated guard or tank.

At What Temperature Does DEF Freeze?

The freezing point of DEF is 12 degrees Fahrenheit and -11 degrees Celsius. If you are driving in low temperatures, then it is very important to leave a little space in the DEF tank. If the DEF tank is totally full, as it collapses, the water inside it is going to enlarge and may crack your tank.

What Do You Need to Do If Your DEF is Frozen?

Frozen DEF will not inhibit ordinary auto startup or operation. Most after-treatment systems have an incorporated DEF tank heater that may thaw the liquid through normal vehicle performance. If your vehicle’s SCR comprises an incorporated DEF tank heater, then turn the car on to initiate the thawing process. The suspended DEF you have got, the faster it will thaw, hence driving with a half or even more quarter-tank of DEF in colder weather tends to likely accelerate invisibly.

Your vehicle or truck may exhibit a error code once it finds out the DEF remains frozen. Consult your owner’s guide to choose whether it’s safe to conduct your personal vehicle whereas the DEF remains frozen.

Could I Use a Additive or Antifreeze to Reduce DEF from afar?

Do not include antifreeze in to DEF.

It is not urged to deliver any sort of additive to DEF to decrease freezing, because this is going to continue to keep the fluid out of doing as planned. The usage of contaminated or non-manufacturer-approved DEF may arrive in costly after-treatment procedure fixes.

Although the car starts without difficulty once the DEF stinks, a few people are tempted to add choices into the DEF to keep it from jelling, or perhaps to boost the freezing phase. However, it’s crucial to be mindful that DEF must remain pure in order for it to operate from the SCR app. Even if the DEF in the storage tank was frozen strong the SCR system involves a heating element that may quickly thaw your DEF so that it’s in a place to re-install and restart working as it should.

This ratio is significantly more critical as it delivers the most affordable possible freeze point into the liquid.

Preventing Frozen DEF

Maintaining your truck at an insulated garage through cold intervals can assist in preventing your DEF from freezing. Similarly, an insulated bag blanket will help prevent freezing.


One motive DEF providers advise that you stop the solution from freezing would be that, such as water, even the DEF will grow as it warms up to 7 percent. This may hurt the storage container, particularly when the container is full or almost complete once the freezing happens. If the DEF is still in danger of freezing it is a fantastic idea to be certain that the tank is not entirely full to stop damage to the container out of growth.

DEF is made largely of water, together with another area being urea. That usually means that DEF will freeze whether it is stored someplace that is subjected to freezing temperatures. But, its freezing point is not exactly like water due to the region, therefore it generally won’t freeze before the temperature is significantly greater than 12 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the DEF collapses in your car’s tank, then there is no need to stress since it’s going to immediately thaw and the grade is untouched. Nonetheless, it’s nevertheless a fantastic idea to put away DEF in temperature-controlled surroundings when potential because freezing may have other outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I keep the DEF from freezing? What happens when the DEF freezes From the tank on the automobile?

A. During vehicle operation, SCR systems are designed to provide heating for your DEF tank and provide lines. If DEF stinks if the vehicle is closed down, start-up and regular functioning of the vehicle won’t be inhibited. The SCR heating system is designed to quickly return the DEF to liquid form along the Performance of the automobile won’t be impacted. The freezing and unthawing of DEF Won’t cause Degradation of the goods.

Q. Can an anti-gelling or suspend point improver be added into the DEF to Stop it from freezing?

A. No. While an additive could improve the freezing point of the mix, the 32.5% alternative Is Extremely specific to Providing NOx-reducing possessions. Any further mixing or adjusting of this DEF mix will impede its Ability to do correctly and may cause damage to the SCR parts. Additives of any kind are not Approved for use in both DEF today. If the ISO criteria must change to permit antifreeze additives, Cummins Filtration will guarantee our product continues to meet ISO requirements.

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