What does exhaust system do? Things To Know 2022


What does exhaust system do
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What does exhaust system do? To be informed 2022

The faster engine exhaust fumes can exit the vehicle the quicker your engine can burn more fuel and air and propel your vehicle fast and more efficiently. This opening up of the exhaust system allows your car to go faster and use less fuel. This creates more power and lower costs for you at the gas pump. As a rule of thumb adding an exhaust system to your car or truck will gain you 8-10% more power and torque.

For supercharged or turbocharged applications this number can approach a gain of 15%. A performance exhaust system does just that, gives you more horsepower and torque as well as increases your car or trucks’ MPG. Often our customers do not know what a cat-back exhaust system is.

A cat-back or cat-back system is basically all the piping, mufflers, hangers, and exhaust tips that replace your stock exhaust from the rear point of the catalytic converter all the to the rear of the vehicle. All of our cutbacks include everything for installation and a full warranty. We also provide completely free shipping on every part we sell. There are many catback exhaust manufacturers and we carry them all. Whether you are looking for a Borla exhaust, Magnaflow exhaust, Gibson exhaust, Flowmaster exhaust, dynomax exhaust, walker exhaust, GReddy exhaust, apexi exhaust, billy boat exhaust (often called B&B; Exhaust), JBA headers, Bassani exhaust, this exhaust, mbrp exhaust, or any other exhaust manufacturer.

Borla Exhaust: Borla Performance Industries is known for its patented sound. The slogan of nothing sounds like a Borla is absolutely true. The sound technology that occurs in a Borla muffler cannot be duplicated on our law and will remain that way for quite some time. Their products come with high-grade t-304 stainless steel and a lifetime warranty. One of Borla’s product lines is the Borla stinger which is their loudest and most aggressive sounding system. Their touring systems are somewhat quieter and are better suited for the crowd with a wife that thinks the “exhaust is too loud”. Borla Exhaust Systems also offer xr1 and stinger universal mufflers, as well as headers for some applications

Magnaflow Exhaust: Magnaflow performance exhaust is actually 2 companies. There is Magnaflow the exhaust system manufacture and car sound MagnaFlow exhaust systems; a catalytic converter company. Magnaflow has become the new industry leader offering the look, sound, performance, and warranty of a high-end exhaust such as Borla and Corsa while maintaining affordable pricing like dynomax and Flowmaster. To read more check out our review of Flowmaster vs Magnaflow. High flow catalytic converters are a great match to a Catback system making for a superb complete exhaust replacement solution for OEM replacement exhaust.

Gibson Exhaust: The dyno-proven Gibson exhaust systems have been perfectly developed to boost the overall auto system’s energy and to maintain an increase in output of about 8% horsepower and 10% ft-lbs of torque. Gibson performance exhaust systems are completely custom-designed and dyno-tuned for each year, make and model car & truck. The main responsibility of the exhaust system is to enhance the towing, acceleration, and engine competence. Gibson’s modern “Slip-Fit” connections play a role in the reduction of backpressure and even out turbulence. Moreover, the zinc-plated, factory-style hangers promise you a stress-free, bolt-on design. Lastly, getting to the reliability statement, Gibson Performance Systems are 50-state Street legal and are expertly developed in the USA and come backed by a lifetime warranty.

Flowmaster Exhaust: The Flowmaster systems comprise of Performance Muffler, Flowmaster pipes with hangers attached clamps, and mounting hardware detailed installation directions. The Flowmaster exhaust systems are categorized into groups. Firstly, we have the Flowmaster Force II Exhaust System that has been superbly created to offer sufficient high-quality “Flowmaster Sound” under acceleration.

Then, there is this Flowmaster Force III Exhaust System, providing your car with significant performance gains and the system is O.E comparable as well. Lastly, we have the Flowmaster American Thunder Exhaust System, giving your car the best it can ever get. The exhaust system is completely mandrel bent in order to access a superior exhaust flow, improving the overall performance of your vehicle to a very large extent. The mufflers and tubing built from heavy-duty aluminized steel, making your vehicle more competent by ensuring corrosion resistance.

Cherry Bomb Exhaust is considered a timeless American classic, holding the status of the top most respected brands in automotive history. The cherry bomb has the sole responsibility to access the top quality products together with advanced customer service. Talking specifically about the exhaust systems, their demand has been overpowering, making the company work harder in order to provide the world the best exhausts a car can get.

Coming to the purpose of exhaust systems in cars, the main function of an ideal exhaust system is to decrease the pollution from the engine exhaust and manage the sound produced by the engine. And Cherry bomb exhaust serves both of these functions. The exhausts are well-known for their industry-standard quality and proper maintenance of the care system. The exhaust does wonders to a car especially in terms of the harsh noises produced by the engine.

Dynomax exhaust system is the right solution for the poor performance of your car. Each and every Dynomax exhaust product gives you proven results. Dynomax exhaust systems come in various sorts but fulfill all the necessities of your automobile irrespective, irrespective of the category the exhaust system belongs to. The exhaust system accompanies the 100% Aluminized Steel Ultra Flo Muffler having welded construction that ensures maximum stability.

Moreover, the elegance of a passenger car Cat-Back Exhaust System is reflected from the OE routing and the inclusion of a direct fit super turbo muffler that gives your system a better look and greater life. The muffler in this exhaust system accompanies the special Dynomax patented flow directors that control exhaust flow and remove turbulence, whereas the huge diameter internal tubes increase the overall functioning of the system.

Corsa Exhaust Performance is an engineering and manufacturing company based in Berea, Ohio, that specializes in high-performance stainless steel exhaust systems for the marine and automotive aftermarket. Patented Reflective Sound Cancellation™ (RSC™) Technology CORSA uses its patented Reflective Sound Cancellation™ (RSC™) technology in all Corsa Exhaust Systems to eliminate low-frequency resonance while minimizing backpressure. Sound waves are reflected within the Corsa muffler case, producing a cancellation wave effect with no flow restriction and without electronic devices.

Pacesetter Exhaust Pacesetter headers and header systems are Manufactured using mandrel, mild steel tubing, and thick mild steel flanges, PaceSetter Headers are available with two finished black high-temperature paint or a ceramic coating to further reduce temperatures under the hood of your car or truck. Pacesetter Exhausts are a great addition to any vehicle due to the simple cat-back design and installation. They are affordable and provide power and dependability for many makes and models of cars and trucks.

Exhaust Tips A Universal exhaust tip is a great way to get a unique look to your car or truck’s stock exhaust system. It is an effective way to dress up the look of your vehicle without spending a lot of money. You can get 2 different kinds. Weldon and clamp-on exhaust tips are available.

Billy Boat Performance Exhaust has been manufacture ring high-quality exotic stainless steel exhaust systems since 1989. It is evident that each system incorporates 3-generations of fabrication skill and racing talent. They pride themselves in being the upper echelon of sound performance and style for the discerning automotive enthusiast.

Bassani Exhaust offers after-market high-performance systems, headers, X-Pipes, stainless steel exhausts. The design there exhausts around sound levels and performance use. These are very popular with the discount exhaust crowd. Much OEM equipment and specialty manufacturers go to Bassani when they need assistance with exhaust materials and u bends as well as data from R&D.; they also offer Standard J-bends, U-bends, and exhaust tubing in bulk and small quantities if you are interested in fabrication your own cat-back

Vibrant Performance Exhaust is Canada’s Dirty little secret. You may not know it but they invented the flex joint in 1986. That’s right the flex joint in your car is probably under some patent they own. Vibrant manufactures exhaust components for all performance vehicles including Race Cars, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Sport Compacts, Trucks, or even Motorcycles, Vibrant has the component and full exhausts for you.

How exhausts work

The four main functions of your exhaust are to reduce noise, direct exhaust fumes away form passengers, improve engine performance, and increase fuel consumption.
The layout of your vehicle’s exhaust system will vary depending on your vehicle’s make and model and how many engine valves your vehicle has. All exhausts work the same way to remove harmful gases from the engine that are generated while it is running.
Six gases are produced by exhausts; three of them, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide, are toxic. The only way to channel away noxious fumes is through your exhaust emissions system.

An exhaust manifold collects the exhaust gases from the engine’s cylinder head. The exhaust manifold is a funnel that collects exhaust gases from the engine’s cylinder heads and then releases them through one opening, commonly referred to as “the front pipe”.
The exhaust gases are then sent through a catalytic convertor, which removes harmful elements such as carbon monoxide or hydrogen monoxide. These gases are then converted into inert gases.

The gases are then passed through a silencer, or muffler. You will only realize how important it is to reduce noise levels when you see a car without a silencer. Your exhaust silencer is made up of a simple set tubes that reflect sound waves from the engine.

Over time, the silencer will corrode and eventually, regardless of how small, sound waves won’t be forced through the tubes. They escape outside, making a lot more noise.
The tailpipe at the rear lets the exhaust fumes out. This pipe carries the gases away from the vehicle as well as the passengers. The exhaust system is connected using a series clamps, hangers and gaskets.

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