LMM DPF Delete: We Review the Top Kits!


LMM DPF delete
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Trying to decide on the best LMM DPF Delete?

From 2007.5-2010 Chevy and GMC HD trucks came with the 6.6L Duramax Diesel also known as the LMM. This was a very solid motor for the Duramax lineup, most issues with this model year are due to leaky transmission lines, the typical Chevy door seal squeak and other small issues, unlike the 6.4 Powerstroke this motor has been pretty rock solid for its owners.

The main issue is that the EPA has forced the manufacturer to severly de-tune this powerplant with new emissions standards requiring EGR valves, DPF systems and DEF injection. Don’t worry, here at defdeletekits.com we believe in making the most out of your motor which is why we have put together this list of LMM DPF Delete Parts!

The parts needed for an LMM DPF Delete

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as just cutting out the DPF. In order to do a proper LMM DPF Delete you will need a couple of parts, I will go into more detail later on in this post but at a minimum you will need a new exhaust system and tuner! There are some optional parts which we suggest to really get the best performance out of your LMM when you do an LMM DPF Delete.


Exhaust Systems

Exhaust Kits 2007-2010 Chevy GMC 6.6L Duramax LM. Exhaust kits from top brands such as Banks and BD Power, Magnaflow, Magnaflow, MBRP, and Flo-Pro.

Your Duramax’s horsepower and fuel efficiency can be maximized by using performance exhaust systems. The LMM is equipped with the DPF (Diesel Particulate filter), which reduces emissions. Many Duramax owners are now unsure where the once-fabled diesel engine’s fuel economy has disappeared because of its emission reduction. You can optimize your Duramax’s efficiency with a performance exhaust system from Banks, Magnaflow, or MBRP.

Exhaust Manifold :

GXP Updated Driver Side Exhaust Manifold & Hardware Compatible with 2001-2016 Chevy/GMC 6.6 LB7 LLY LBZ LMM LML Duramax Diesel
  • Direct Replacement | Eliminates "Crushed" Manifold (2001-2010 Trucks) | GM OE Cross Reference #: 12624684,12637647,97224587 | 1-Year Warranty
  • High-flow upgrade is only on 2001-2010 trucks.
  • Some factory hardware and fasteners will be re-used during installation.
  • This is a factory-style replacement on the 2011-2016 GM 6.6L Duramax LML.
  • Compatible with all 2001-2016 Chevy & GMC 6.6L LB7/LLY/LBZ/LMM/LML Duramax diesel trucks

Rudy’s high-flow driver-side exhaust manifold for the 2001-2016 GM 6.6L Duramax diesel is now available! These new manifolds feature an upgraded high flow design that replaces the crushed style driver side manifold on the 2001-2010 GM 6.6L Duramax diesel trucks.

The 2011-2016 6.6L LML Duramax diesel trucks are factory equipped with this same style high flow manifold, so this is simply a direct replacement on the LMM trucks. These manifolds feature a high strength cast construction and include gaskets, hardware and everything needed for installation!

LMM Delete Tuner

Top 3 LMM Delete Tuner

Best Price
Krazy On Highways Edge Insight CTS3 Digital Gauge, Compatible with 1996 & Up OBD-II Vehicles. 84130-3
Krazy On Highways Edge Insight CTS3 Digital Gauge, Compatible with 1996 & Up OBD-II Vehicles. 84130-3
Best Price
Krazy On Highways Edge Insight CTS3 Digital Gauge, Compatible with 1996 & Up OBD-II Vehicles. 84130-3
Krazy On Highways Edge Insight CTS3 Digital Gauge, Compatible with 1996 & Up OBD-II Vehicles. 84130-3

Review of the Best Tuners for LMM Duramax

Best Monitor-Only Option: Edge Insight CTS3


  • Durable
  • Multifunctional
  • It is simple to use
  • Lightweight
  • Comprehensive


  • A monitoring device, not a tuner

The Edge Insight CTS3 monitor is the best for tracking everything about your truck. The tuner knows everything about your truck, including its injector balances, engine parameters, transmission, and fuel rail pressure.

We promise that you won’t be able find one thing the CTS3 doesn’t know about. The CTS3 is great for checking in on your truck and making sure it runs smoothly. The CTS3 is simple to use and has a large display that provides all the information you need. Edge Insight CTS is the right tool for you if data is your passion.

Bottom line

The Edge Insight CTS2 tuner is amazing and can track everything on your car. There will be some time between the start of your truck and the start of this tuner.

Bully Dog GT Platinum Diesel Tuner

Bully Dog- 40410 GT Gas Tuner-50 State Compliant
  • Wide make & model fit - Works with select Ford, Lincoln, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Nissan applications. Enter your vehicle above to verify compatibility. Please contact Bully Dog support for assistance.
  • 50 state compliant - Meets emission requirements in all 50 states with dyno-proven tunes that add power, torque and fuel economy
  • Heads up display - Monitor over 15 performance parameters at a glance with a dynamic LCD display mounted on a pillar, window, or dash
  • Multiple preloaded tunes - Access four preloaded tunes with the touch of a few buttons to maximize performance in any situation
  • Code clearing - Diagnose and clear trouble codes to ensure proper engine operation


  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • It is easy to install
  • Bully Dog offers excellent customer service
  • You still have complete safety.


  • Bully Dog’s tech staff will activate the tuner after it arrives. It will not be available immediately.

The Bully Dog GT Platinum Diesel Tuner will enable you to maximize your truck’s power by connecting to your truck’s unlock cable. It can also unleash your truck’s full beast mode.

You can also tap into your truck’s maximum power to maximize other aspects of your truck’s capabilities, such as smoother shifting when you go uphill.

Bully Dog GT users report that it is also very efficient at increasing fuel efficiency. This tuner can increase your mileage per gallon by 4 miles. This tuner will provide you with a lot of fuel economy and a lower gas budget. The Bully Dog GT Platinum Diesel Tuner is a great choice.

Bottom line

Bully Dog GT Platinum Diesel Tuner, an excellent tuner, uses your truck’s unlock cables to transform your engine into a beast. However, it does require that you call Bully Dog in order to activate your engine upon arrival.

BDX Performance Tuner and Monitor 

No products found.


  • An aesthetically pleasing interface
  • SCT offers excellent customer service
  • Powerful improvements are evident
  • This will increase your mileage per gallon by at most two miles


  • It can heat up even when it is being used
  • It is difficult to distinguish between different types of tunes

If you’re looking for a tuner that will transform your truck into a beast, the SCT 40490-BDX Performance Programer is it. This tuner is capable of providing incredible power gains. Some users feel almost unsafe driving their trucks on the maximum tune.

Some people have told of how they were able to boost their trucks up to 95 horsepower, and 114 lbs of torque. It is not possible to do that right out of the box.

This tuner can also make modifications to different tire sizes and adapt to your custom tune settings. This tuner also improves your engine’s efficiency. The SCT 40490-BDX Performance Programer can do almost anything for your truck.

Bottom line

The SCT40490 BDX Performance Programer is the best on the market for unleashing the full power and potential of an LMM Duramax engine. It can get very hot when it is being used.

LMM Delete Tuner -All Thing to Know

Although this question has been asked many times, I’d like to hear the latest opinions on a dpf delete tuneer and exhaust. DPF removal is one the most important upgrades that you can make to improve fuel mileage and reliability.

 EFI Live custom tuning is another favorite. Diesel Place is the best programmer for LMM. This electronics is not for use with a race exhaust kit or maintenance tube.

Diesel Place – DPF deletion and no programmer This allows you to delete your DPF, CAT, or EGR without having to throw any codes. DPF DELETE PEPE OR FULL EXHAUST REQUIRED FOR THIS TUNER. Duramax LMM (Shift on The Fly). You will need an exhaust or tuner to remove your DPF.

The exhaust is used for replacing the DPF. The sensors should be disconnected and the pipe cut around it. Next, remove the filter from the DPF by beating it out with a hammer and then weld the pipe back on using a programmer. 

This is the place to go if you want the best parts for your LMM. The Performance Tuner, aFe Turbo Back Exhaust and SB Cold Air Intake are all part of the CNS Engine Parts EGR block off Kit.

Lmm Dpf Delete tuner at the best price The Mini Maxx is the perfect choice if you want to take your performance to the next level. These are standard features on all Mini Maxx Tuners. This tuner requires a physical DPF Delete.

Failing to delete the DPF could result in a clogged exhaust pipe, disabled vehicle, and possibly even fire. You can check the Amazon price here. Find the best tuner to fit your DPF Delete Pipe. MBRP Turbo Back Single-Side Exhaust System.

A full turbo back system is the best, but if you have a tight budget, the AFE DPF Pipe will work perfectly. Hot leve AFE Delete Pipe. These diesel performance parts will help you beat the rest if you are racing to perfection. 

With the tune, the tuner and the cold intake, your truck will get better mileage than the stock 5. L Cummins without emissions systems.

It isn’t illegal to do this and your truck shouldn’t ever go through a regen cycle. Oz Tuner OZSW-DSP5 LBZLMM DSPSwitch $49 This popular tuning platform allows for fine-tuning the Engine Control Module (ECM), allowing you complete control over the engine programming.

This makes the computer believe that the dpffilter is clean at all time. These parts are only for off-road use. Before we can ship these off-road systems, we must have a signed waiver. The directions suggest that you attach the tuner to your exhaust. 

Dodge Cummins 6 will be covered. L ( LMM) and Ford Powerstroke 6. This blog will discuss everything, from delete pipes to full exhaust systems, delete simulators, and quality tuners.

HS XRT Pro Race Tuner 07. Preloaded with DPF Present or DPF Removed tuning. Bypass Airdog Custom Fuse You need to consider the risks of deleting your DPF on your vehicle.

You are likely thinking about deleting your DPF ( Diesel Particulate filter ). Before you do, it is important to think through all options and consider the consequences. DPF Delete kits have many benefits. First, the engine’s performance will increase.

Because the air flows better through the engine, less back pressure equals more power. Normal operation will result in a higher fuel economy. The LMM MINI Maxx is a DPF Race Tuner.

  • Step 1: Disconnect the ignition wire from the intake air heater. 
  • Step 2: Disconnect MAF sensor connector. 
  • Step 3: Disconnect the MAF sensor connector.

Flo Pro DPF Pipe LMM. I was able to remove the dpf using disable codes and aftermarket exhaust. Egr Dpf Removal Kit Efi Live tuner Dsp5. I am currently using the edge juice and the attitude monitor.

I have a Vand that a friend has and I want to delete my dpf. I will continue to use the edge for performance and efi to delete my DPF. What tables must be modified in order to accomplish this?

Hotshot business and I use the tuner in the stock setting. The tuner is used to delete dpf and check and delete trouble codes. Also, the engine runs cooler and has better fuel mileage. It has approximately 80k on the engine and 190k when the piston was cracked.

BEST Option

This BORLA Type Cat-Back Exhaust System is the best on the market, if you’re in need of an LMM DPF Delete this is the absolute best option on the market.

The BORLA sound is a source of power. It has been described as an adrenaline rush. It is a hypnotic concert ofsteel gears, combustion, and gears that can be heard from all corners of the globe. The BORLA exhaust note has been described as the soundtrack to high-performance motoring. Like all great automotive designs, there is function beneath the form.

 Exhaust sounds are more than just an ear candy, as any car enthusiast will tell you. It acts as a communication conduit between driver and car. It is the link between man and machine. The exhaust sound gives the driver feedback on engine rpm. This helps with critical decisions like gear selection and throttle input for rev-match shifting. BORLA is the best exhaust manufacturer because we know this concept well. 

Combining patented technology, extensive prototyping, and sound analysis tools, we have a unique combination. BORLA engineers spend hours tuning exhaust systems to reflect the performance and personality of each vehicle application. 

This results in a better driving experience. The BORLA exhaust note is unrivalled in clarity and can be used to help drivers maintain power through difficult sections using the sensational feedback of sound. Borla’s exhaust note is unrivaled in clarity and can be used to help drivers stay within the powerband during difficult sections. It also provides exciting sound feedback.

GOOD Option

MagnaFlow 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Street Series Axle-Back Performance Exhaust System, V6 3.6L, Black Coated
  • ICONIC MAGNAFLOW SOUND - Engineered to deliver the resonant, throaty sound that MagnaFlow is famous for. Tuned to produce superior interior and exterior sound levels for an enhanced driving experience when installed on your vehicle.
  • DYNO-PROVEN PERFORMANCE - Extensive dyno testing is used to ensure that this axle-back exhaust system increases engine power and performance by improving the flow dynamics and evacuation of exhaust gases.
  • PRECISION ROBOTIC CONSTRUCTION - Durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction and CNC precision robotic manufacturing techniques guarantee reliable system performance for the life of your vehicle. Proudly made in the USA.
  • PERFECT FITMENT - This direct-fit Street Series system fits onto your vehicle easily thanks to the extensive use of 3D scanning during development to ensure OEM-like fitment. 15160 includes all the hardware necessary for do-it-yourself installation.
  • LIMITED LIFETIME CONSTRUCTION WARRANTY - Performance that lasts. Enjoy worry-free ownership knowing that you're backed by MagnaFlow’s limited lifetime construction warranty and 1-year warranty on the black-coated finish

Looking to save a couple bucks on your LMM DPF Delete? Well this kit is short on price but big on performance! This turbo back exhaust system features a straight pipe design, this is the no frills scaled back version of the MagnaFlow exhaust. Made from SS409 stainless this exhaust will last you years! You can expect a huge power gain and a badass growl from your LMM with this exhaust system. Similar systems sell for $700 on competitor websites but that’s too much for us, we found you the best deal around on this exhaust system.

Cheap Option

Looking for the bare bones kit when doing your LMM DPF Delete? This Driver Side Exhaust Up Pipe for 2001-16 Duramax Diesel 6.6L is exactly what you need. This pipe will still boast huge power numbers when compared to stock, it will also aid in keeping EGT’s low and improving fuel mileage by eliminating the bottleneck that the DPF filter causes. Made from the same high quality stainless you expect to find in higher end aFe products and built to fit tight you can rest easy when purchasing this race pipe! Our competitors are charging OVER $200 for this pipe, check out the deal we found you below!


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Tuners can bring back the original performance of your LMM engine. Consider what you want in a tuner, and weigh the pros and cons. You (and your truck) will be happy if you choose a tuner from this list. You will be satisfied with the results.


LMM Dpf delete

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