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Leaf spring lift kit

Leaf spring lift kit

Leaf spring lifts are used to not only lift a truck, but to also increase the truck’s load capacity. A lot of trucks have leaf spring suspension systems that can be modified, so that oversized tires may be used.

Some vehicles have leaf spring suspension systems in both the front and rear, while others have them in just the rear. The usual method used to alter the leaf springs is by using lifting blocks. Lifting blocks are placed in the rear of the vehicle between the leaf spring and leaf spring perch. You will also need to install longer u-bolts.

Although lifting blocks are used in the rear of a truck, they aren’t used in the front, as they can cause some safety concerns when braking. Braking can cause the lifting block to shift and cause a loss of control of the vehicle.

Using an add-a-leaf is a much better option used to modify the leaf springs. It’s as simple as installing an additional leaf into the truck’s leaf pack.

Although using an add-a-leaf will give you a leaf spring lift, it can also cause the truck to ride rough. If you want to do a leaf spring lift, the best way to accomplish this is to purchase a set of springs with the lift built in.

Chevy leaf spring lift kit:

Leaf spring lift blocks:

Leaf spring lift shackle:


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