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Diesel Tuning-What you need to know 2022

Diesel Tuning Remap is a flash of the engine management software that installs new software to modify the operating parameters of your engine. Our Diesel Tuning software can alter parameters such as throttle position, fuel duration, boost pressures, and torque limiters. It also limits fuel pressure limiters. Diesel Tuning and Economy tuning have become huge industries over the past 15 years, as modern diesel engines are fully electronic and can receive Turbo Diesel engine tuning or ECU Remapping.

Diesel Tuning: What are the benefits?

Diesel Tuning will give you a better drive, with sharper throttle response and greater gear flexibility. It will also increase your fuel economy.

What is Diesel Tuning?

Modern diesel engines are equipped with many computerized components that allow mechanics to adjust their settings easily. Diesel vehicles are a popular choice because they can be tailored to your needs.

The diesel ECU (Electronic Controller Unit) is used to tune the engine. It is fast and simple. The mechanic connects to the ECU to remap the software and adjust the settings according to the preferences of the driver. This is engine tuning. The diesel ECU mapping has the advantage of optimizing your fuel economy and making any other adjustments the driver desires. It is all about getting the most out of your vehicle.

A simple tune can almost double your vehicle’s torque and power, but that’s only the beginning. Each vehicle is unique, so it’s best to talk with a professional Diesel mechanic who can help you choose the best optimization options for your engine. They will help you optimize your engine’s performance and adjust the ECU settings to make it as efficient as possible.

Diesel Tuning Warnings

It’s important to think about potential problems that may arise when customizing your diesel vehicle. There are many options available, so it’s easy to get distracted and make adjustments that don’t fit your engine.

Diesel tuning can be achieved in the best possible way. Consider what you’ll be using your car for each day, and tailor it accordingly. It might not make sense to optimize for off-road driving if you only go off-road once a year. You might have to sacrifice your daily travel. You have the option to make that decision, but remember to consider both extreme situations as well as every day.

Diesel Tuning Benefits

Tuning Diesel Engines is one of the most rewarding processes for both tuner and owner.
Diesel tuning

Normally the Diesel tuning process is focused on extracting more power, or specifically, more torque from an engine. Traditionally, in the performance tuning world, generating more power means worse fuel economy and worse driveability. With Diesel engines, however, the process of tuning them makes them more efficient, which makes them generate better fuel economy, and driveability is improved!

More Torque

Diesel Tuning-What you need to know 2022 1

When you tune a diesel engine the biggest and most obvious benefit that customers report is increased torque. On certain turbo diesel engines, we can see an increase in torque of up to 40%! Its torque produces acceleration in your car, and so even modest torque increases make your car accelerate faster, make overtaking safer, and enhance your driving experience.

More Power

Diesel Tuning-What you need to know 2022 2

Since power is mechanically related to torque, when we increase torque we also increase brake horsepower. Whilst torque gives you acceleration, power gives you greater available speed. After a remap your car will feel faster because it is faster. Increases in the power of up to 30% are available.

More Economy

Diesel Tuning-What you need to know 2022 3

Increased fuel economy is a side effect of a good remap. Diesel engines will, up to a point, generate more torque the more fuel you put into them. The more fuel you add, the more torque is produced. The more torque is produced the less you have to put your foot down to achieve a certain road speed. So since you now need to put your foot down less to achieve enough torque to propel the car say 60mph. Since you don’t have to work the engine as hard to maintain road speed the actual fuel consumption per mile is less! Savings in terms of the economy can be up to 20%.

Enhances the desireability of your car

Diesel Tuning-What you need to know 2022 4

Since your car has better driveability, more power, and more torque than a standard car it becomes more desirable when you come to sell it.

Given the choice of two cars, one that does more mpg, has more torque and more power, but is otherwise exactly the same as a standard car, which one would you buy?



Below is the list of kits that your vehicle should be equipped.

Diesel Tuner 6.7 cummins

Diesel Tuner 6.7 Powerstroke

How It Works

Step 1 – Initial Testing

They load your car onto our state of the art chassis dynamometer.

Diesel Tuning

Step 2 – Remap/Tuning

Next we download the map from your car using industry standard software and hardware.

Diesel Tuning-What you need to know 2022 5

Step 3 – Performance Testing

With the new map loaded, we repeat the tests we did initially to confirm that the engine is operating optimally and safely. With these tests done, we perform final performance testing, documenting the gains your individual car has made.

Diesel Tuning-What you need to know 2022 6

Step 4 – On road verification

With you driving, we take your car out for a test drive, observing the ECU and making sure that the car performs as it should on the road. The results should be instant as the ECU changes will have immediate effect.

Diesel Tuning-What you need to know 2022 7

Tuning diesel is a specialist Diesel and Turbo Diesel Tuner. They can map your car for increased fuel economy and increased performance.

The process of remapping or tuning a diesel or turbo diesel car offers great benefits. Traditionally tuning an engine offered great performance gains, but in the case of Diesel, engines remapping can offer power and torque gains as well as increased fuel economy. Many customers report that their car drives much more smoothly, is more responsive and needs fewer visits to the pumps after tuning.

Below is the list of kits that your vehicle should be equipped.

6.5 turbo diesel tuner

7.3 turbo diesel tuner

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