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Best high flow catalytic converter
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Best High Flow Catalytic Converter Reviews 

Are you an automotive enthusiast looking to get some extra horsepower out of your engine? Well, a High Flow Catalytic Converter is a great addition to achieve your high horsepower and torque numbers. Regular catalytic converters restrict airflow, usually much more than they have to. High Flow Catalytic converters are optimized and built to work just as normal catalytic convertors but do it in a much better more efficient way in which airflow is minimally restricted.

If you’ve done any research about performance modifications, then you know that having an unrestricted exhaust system plays a huge role in the amount of horsepower and torque your engine will make. Ideally, having a completely unrestricted exhaust system, from the headers to the muffler is the most ideal setup and would yield the highest power. However, many states require that you pass an emissions test, and in order to pass inspection with flying colors, having a catalytic converter is a necessity. This is why High Flow Catalytic Converters are so great. They allow you to have a daily driver or a completely street-legal car with the maximum amount of power.

Catalytic converters are needed in order to reduce the number of pollutants that are emitted from your engine. They use a catalyst to stimulate a chemical reaction that transforms the exhaust gases into less harmful gasses once they pass through your muffler. The downside is that OEM catalytic converters are built specifically for this purpose and have no performance design in mind, this leads to very restricted airflow. High Flow Catalytic Converters have performance in mind first, and function second.

They still do their job of reducing pollutants in the air, but the design is built specifically to allow higher airflow throughout the whole exhaust system. These effects can be measured immediately using a Dynamometer. You will be sure to see gains once the High Flow Catalytic Converter is bolted on. If you have a turbocharger, or supercharger on your car, your horsepower and torque gains will magnify even greater!

High Flow Catalytic Converters have been considerably upgraded and provide high performance and durability. They can come in a variety of materials such as aluminum or stainless steel. I would recommend stainless steel because it will last longer and not rust. Most High Flow Catalytic Converters come in a universal format as well. When buying a universal one, just match up the inlet and outlet size. This means that if your exhaust manifold or racing header pipe sizing is 2.5 inches, then the High Flow Catalytic Converter inlet size should be 2.5 inches. And if you’re “Cat-back” exhaust piping is 3 inches, then your High Flow Cat’s outlet size should be 3”. This ensures a perfect fit. Choose your size accordingly.


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What is the Best High Flow Catalytic Converter?

high flow catalytic converter, also known as catcon or cat, is a device normally used to reduce emission toxicity from internal combustion engines. Most cars available in the market today have two or more catalytic converters, depending on the engine’s manufacturer and configuration. These converters closely resemble a muffler and are normally located in the exhaust system with an outer shell made of stainless steel. It is almost similar to a muffler when it comes to appearance but that is all since a catalytic converter has a catalyst that is made of platinum, rhodium, or palladium.

When newer cars have a failing catalytic converter, this will generally trigger a check engine light in the instrument cluster of the vehicle. Most DEQ emission test centers will automatically fail your emissions test if this light is on. It is definitely something you need to take care of quickly.

Aside from being used as part of a motor vehicle exhaust system, it is also used on forklifts, generator sets, mining equipment, buses, trucks, trains, and other machines that are equipped with engines. A high-performance catalytic converter generates an environment for chemical reactions where the by-products of toxic combustion are converted to substances that are less toxic, thus making the emissions cleaner than possible. This is generally the primary use of catalytic converters in engine systems.

With its internal catalyst, the primary purpose of the catalytic converter is to minimize harmful emission levels from the exhaust of cars. These are hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, particulates, and oxides of nitrogen. All these emissions are toxic to health and are considered to be environmental hazards that can contribute to the buildup of photochemical smog. However, by using a custom or universal high flow catalytic converter, all these can be easily dealt with and that is its main function.

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Top 8 Best high flow catalytic converter Review Updated 2022

#1 MagnaFlow 59956

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MagnaFlow universal catalytic converters type the fundamental building blocks to get a detailed field of direct-fit software. The most important advantage of this universal catalytic converter would be the fact that one unit can cover a huge array of car makes and versions. Installing universal converters frequently necessitates using welding equipment, cutting, and tube bending equipment that’s easily accessible to the majority of professional installers. All national catalytic converters meet EPA requirements.

Federal catalytic converters aren’t legal for sale, use, or installation on automobiles registered in the state of California. This worldwide summoned catalytic converter out of Magnaflow is a superb selection for virtually any vehicle.
A high stream metallic heart makes it convenient for heavy-duty software. Consequently, in case you’ve got a tuned search engine or perform a great deal of towing, then this is going to be the ideal pick for you. It’s constructed in the U.S.A. also it’s a reasonable price, also.


  • Metallic core (more robust than ceramic)
  • Compact size
  • Quality company
  • Spun design for quality and much more robust

Best high flow catalytic converter 1See Latest Price 

#2 AUTOSAVER88 Catalytic Converter 

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It’ll make sure the emissions are managed to avoid damaging the environment or even the vehicle failing the emission evaluations. As it’s a high-flow device, it is also going to offer a performance increase. Gases and atmosphere will flow with minimal limitation. That is the reason you will observe a small growl following the setup. This is chiefly experienced at high rates. It sports good insulation and design and has great shock absorption. There is no doubt that this item is your most effective High Flow Catalytic Converter.

It’ll replace the stock units which arrive with the automobile in addition to modified systems. It’s vehicle-specific and should match perfectly. As with other top components, it’s also manufactured out of stainless steel. Consequently, you do not expect it to rust or rust. It’s a heavy-duty device, which manages distinct temperatures, heaps, emissions, plus much more. The little design boosts the distance and creates fitting considerably simpler. The inner substrates and metal loading are carefully designed for maximum efficacy and also to prevent MIL code problems.
Internal honeycomb arrangement for optimum flow and surface region. Enables the catalysis to completely respond with exhaust gases without forfeiting flow speed, thus decreasing the back strain

#3 Universal Inlet/Outlet Catalytic Converter With O2 Nut

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The inner substrates and metal loading are carefully designed for maximum efficacy and also to prevent MIL code problems.
The honeycomb arrangement for optimum circulation and surface area, which makes it possible for the catalysis to completely contact exhaust gases without forfeiting flow speed. The casing and the inner ceramic component work with each other to maintain the emissions. It’s a nice diameter and matches the exhaust system readily.

You merely must eliminate the present one and replace it on this one. This is an easy procedure and doesn’t take an excessive amount of time. It retains exactly the emissions low, enhances engine performance and efficacy. It is OBDII compliant and was licensed by the EPA. Fitting the ideal catalytic converter is one of the top approaches to reduce emissions.

You are able to go a step farther and match a high stream unit, which can be significantly less restrictive and allows the electrons to flow much quicker and better. This retains the operation better and boosts the vehicle’s functionality. Aside from AUTOSAVER88, this device will enhance the operation of your vehicle. It’s quite strong and is constructed out of stainless steel. Odds or rust and rust are improbable. It will preserve its shape and decent performance even under intense heat and stress.


  • Simple to install on many exhaust systems
  • Compatible with lots of automobiles
  • High caliber and also well-priced
  • Enhances engine performance and efficacy

#4 Flowmaster 2230125 Catalytic Converter

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Flow master 49-state universal catalytic converters are made to satisfy national EPA emission demands on a vast array of programs. These high-quality catalytic converters are produced in the united states and contain stainless steel outer shell construction for maximum durability. The inner substrate material and valuable metal loading are carefully designed for maximum efficacy and to prevent”MIL” code problems that are typical with lesser quality converters. Universal catalytic converters need welding or manufacture and need to be installed by qualified technicians. Flow master 49-state converters aren’t legal for sale or use to automobiles operated in the country of California.

Typically, functionality and high prices go together. However, this isn’t true for Flowmasters 223 series. This worldwide catalytic converter provides exceptional flow characteristics while maintaining your search engine’s light. If you would like to free up the exhaust to a stock motor, then this is going to be your very best option.


  • High flow 400 Cell ceramic substrate internals
  • Great price

#5 AUTOSAVER88 ATCC0010 3″ Inlet/Outlet 

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Even though it appears easy, it’s a high-quality piece that’ll deliver a fantastic performance. It supports a higher flow speed, which enhances performance. In addition, it retains the emissions inside the suggested levels. This comes out of a respectable company, and you’re able to be certain it’ll be dependable and potent. It’s compliant with all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and also helps to minimize discharging pollutants into the environment. As soon as you match the apparatus, it is going to serve you for quite a while.

Have you been planning for an emission test or are experiencing problems with the present one? It’s possibly the ideal time you replaced the toaster. You do not have to spend a lot of money on a fantastic excellent piece. Even the AUTOSAVER88 -3-sized unit is a favorite option that should suit unique vehicles. It is available in a fundamental layout for simple installation. It’s constructed from high-quality stainless steel and won’t readily corrode, rust or stain. In addition, it tolerates the varying temperatures, higher warmth, and higher load very well. This may work in many sorts of vehicles such as SUVs, light trucks, minivans, and automobiles.

The inner substrates and metal loading are carefully designed for maximum efficacy and also to prevent MIL code problems.
The honeycomb arrangement for optimum circulation and surface area, which makes it possible for the catalysis to completely contact exhaust gases without forfeiting flow speed. The higher exhaust flow allows the engine to make more energy, enhance vehicle performance.


  • Piping is just over 3” in diameter making it a challenge to install with most clamping systems
  •  Build quality is nice otherwise though and should work well.


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Best high flow catalytic converter 2

This is one of the most recent high-flow catalytic converters you’ll receive on the marketplace. It is more sophisticated than many present types available on the marketplace. It’ll enhance performance and efficacy. It is intended to provide high performance and surpass OE quality. This also occurs without sacrificing flow speed or impacting the Emissions.

It’s a normal unit using a 2.25- inch outlet and toaster. The attachment will bolt most car exhaust tubes white well and with no alteration. Additionally, it blends well with the encompassing and won’t seem odd. This is due to its great measurement of 13 inches in length.
Characteristics of high-grade stainless steel structure, inner ceramic substrates, and catalyst coating are carefully designed for optimum efficiency.
Conventional 2.25″ interior diameter inlet/outlet, 13″ total length, universal for vehicles using 2.25 inches outside diameter exhaust tube. It’s constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel and can take care of the high load, high temperatures, and temperatures out of the exhaust. The porcelain substrates not just provide adequate performance but also guarantee the emissions are kept to the absolute minimum. It is EPA certified, and also you’re more sure of maintaining the emissions nominal. It’s likewise OBDII compliant and can utilize afterward car models too.

#7 Pair 2.5″ Universal Spun Catalytic Converter 

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Best high flow catalytic converter 3

Colt exhaust did move out of the way to develop using this toaster. It’s a high-flow device, which will lessen the backpressure and enhance the free flow of gases. It almost works just as a via a pipe, only it has fewer emissions and is likewise somewhat less noisy. A closer look shows that it depends upon a superior honeycomb unit, and it can be significantly not as restrictive to the flow of gases. But it is going to prevent damaging pollutants and compounds from entering the air. It’s a universal bit and ought to work with many cars. It measures 11 inches in length, and the diameter is approximately 4 inches.

This makes to take-up as little distance as possible. This makes it a fantastic alternative for a car with restricted spaces beneath. That is exactly what most inventory or regular exhaust pipes steps. Additionally shorts, it is going to fit on most automobiles with no modification. And by what current and previous customers are saying, it matches perfectly. All you will need is to place it then weld, an easy procedure s which should have a brief moment.

#8 SLP M31040 High Flow Catalytic Converter

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Catalytic Converters to your C6 Corvette All these High-FlowCatalytic Converters are created particularly to optimize the performance of the headers along with also your C6 Corvette exhaust system. Sold for a pair. For off-road utilization only. Designed to utilize just with SLP headers maybe not only for inventory replacement.

NOTES Catalytic Converters demand SLP Headers (Number 30125) and also HeaderInstallation Kit (#30128) PowerFlo-X Crossover Assembly (#30132)and Downpipes (#30129) not contained. Not authorized for sale or utilize in California on pollution-controlled vehicles. SLP C6 High-FlowCatalytic Converters attribute Designed to optimize the functionality of SLP headers.

It’s produced of steel and ought to manage the high temperature and heat completely. The alloy also tolerates rocks, vibrations, chips, and also the weather, along with other items, It measures only 12 inches long and is 5 inches in diameter. With an inlet and outlet diameter of 2.5 inches, then it is going to use the vast majority of automobiles. This package includes 2 bits, and they are high-flow components.

You also find easy instructions about the best way best to go about using this setup. The practice is straightforward and requires minimal time and energy. The SLP M31040 catalytic converter targets customers that wish to update their current unit into a more dependable and not as prohibitive unit. It bolts on the stock or altered exhaust system with no difficulties.

This is as it’s flexible and doesn’t occupy too much distance. You merely must eliminate the present one and then match this one. It must work with many systems nicely and will not lead to any performance problems. In reality, you may experience a rise in functionality because it’s minimum backpressure and allows gases and air to flow out openly.

Our Verdict

Catalytic converters can transform these hazardous gases into harmless nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water, and oxygen. In simpler terms, the catalytic converter can be considered an engine on its own. Catalytic converters make use of oxygen and fuel to stop the internal catalyst that consumes a huge portion of the gases going through the converter. However, take note that these converters cannot eliminate emissions altogether but it can be reduced greatly. Some of the most popular and commonly used catalytic converters in the market today are as follows:

1. Flowmaster High Flow Catalytic Converter

  • This catalytic converter can be used in various vehicles including Subaru, Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Pontiac, Acura, American Motors, Buick, Chevrolet, Ford, Geo, Hyundai, Jeep, Lincoln, Mazda, Oldsmobile, Mercury, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Merkur and Volkswagen.

2. Dynomax High Flow Catalytic Converter

  • This converter can be used in various models of Jeep, such as the 1990 Jeep Wrangler model. However, a Dynomax cat converter can only be used legally in 49 states (not permitted in the state of California).

3. Magnaflow High Flow Catalytic Converter

  • The Magnaflow high flow cat has applications that can be used in almost any car models including Acura, Yugo, Volvo, Alfa Romeo, AM General, Suzuki, Triumph, Toyota, Bentley, AMC, Asuna, Audi, Scion, Saturn, Sterling, Studebaker, Bertone, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Porsche, Renault, Rolls Royce, Saab, Daewoo, Checker, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Peugeot, Plymouth, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, Eagle, Dodge, Ferrari, Geo, Honda, Ford, Fiat, Maserati, Lincoln, and Mercedes Benz. It can also be used in trucks, SUVs, and diesel trucks.

Even the loudest high-flow catalytic converter does not require maintenance. This is due to the fact that their long-term livelihood is dependent on maintenance and proper care of the vehicle. For example, in case your vehicle begins to run rough, check engine or service engine lights appear, or it starts producing smoke from the tailpipe, it would be best to take it to a professional technician immediately. While your car may continue to run, the lack of a functioning catalytic converter is harmful for your exhaust system not to mention the environment.

Some of the common signs of a failing or faulty converter include unsatisfactory performance, a failed emission test, bucking or hesitation, smoke from the tailpipe, and increased temperature at high RPMs. In case you are noticing any of these on your vehicle or your catalytic converter, it would be best to take your vehicle to an expert in order to determine the problem and be able to fix it in time.

Various types of catalytic converters are available in the market. You can find cheaper ones from online stores such as Amazon you can go directly to your local auto parts stores such as Napa, O’Reilly, Schucks, or Autozone. A salesperson can help you determine the most suitable high flow catalytic converter depending on the car model you have. Regular vehicle checkups are also necessary to determine if the catalytic converter you have is still in good condition. In case it needs to be replaced, make sure that you replace it with the best high flow catalytic converter immediately to prevent any unwanted incidents.


In conclusion, Adding a High Flow Catalytic Converter to your exhaust system is the only way to create a complete, unrestricted high flow, high-performance exhaust setup. When paired up with racing headers, and a larger diameter cat-back exhaust, and a high flow muffler, this combination is a great way to increase horsepower and torque. Cars that have forced induction systems like Turbo Chargers or SuperChargers will benefit even more from this setup. And let’s not forget that after all the increased performance you will achieve, your car will still be street legal and able to pass all of your emissions inspections!

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