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🥇Best DOD delete kit

Best DOD delete kit Review 2021

We’re going to discuss what is involved with deleting DoD out of your Jin 4 LS based v8 displacement on-demand or active fuel management.
It’s also called it’s actually a pretty simple system GM introduced it back in 2005 on the five threes that came in the trailblazer an envoy and then the front-wheel-drive five threes that came in the Pontiac Grand Prix GX Pease.

What we’re going to discuss today includes those applications, as well as any gin four based v8 that uses the dod system while GM does still use displacement on demand and a very very similar system on the gin v LT based engines.

You can find in the trucks the Camaros the Corvettes what we’re going to discuss today we’re going to keep it to each, inform LS based of v8 now to describe how the system works when your engine computer senses low load cruising situations usually around town or on the highway it will deactivate four out of the eight cylinders in your engine essentially turning it into a v4 by cutting off fuel in spark.

But it also has to shut off the valves to those engines as well it does that through this valley cover here that kind of looks like a brain and inside of it are these four solenoids that shoot high volume high-pressure oil into these eight ports.

You can see here in these circles through the block down into these lifters these are special lifters that when the high volume high-pressure oil reaches them they actually collapse.

They still run along with the camshaft but they do not actually the valves it’s actually a pretty simple system that works fairly well unfortunately with time with age that system that does tend to malfunction and gets the symptom that everybody seems to here is the ticking noise this thing will stay collapse

It’ll get stuck and you’re hearing this tab against the camshaft so as with any engine malfunction it is best to address the situation as soon as possible.
If this is ignored you can lead to further engine damage and in some extreme cases we’ve seen where it’s led to complete engine replacement so let’s stay away from that what you get in our kids is six-team brainy lifters for new lifter guides,

You also gets two head gaskets to exhaust manifold gaskets in a set of head bolts you do would need these parts cuz you have to remove the cylinder heads to get to these lifters when it comes to the dod manifold the valley cover there are a couple of different ways.

You can delete that as well in our kids we offer of course the stock valley cover on non dod engines these use these o-rings to block off those ports.
but if you want to save a couple of bucks another way to do it is to use these nifty bullet-shaped pieces of steel to tap into those ports on the block we offer it both ways to help you delete that system but we do get some pretty frequently asked questions with these kits and doing this kind of a job.

We kind of wanted to address some of those to help you guys out the first one is as people say well I’m doing a D of D delete do I have to change my cam chef absolutely have to you cannot use a DoD factory cam once you delete the system the reason we do not include a camshaft with our kids is every customer wants a different camshaft for their application.

we offer everything to be purchased on the side from a complete stock replacement camshaft some remorse all the way up to high-performance camshafts it’s proven to be relatively reliable and it helps you maintain low-end torque without sacrificing high-end horsepower

If you’re using a stock camshaft or a model performance camshaft we recommend keeping it if you are going to a higher performance camshaft sometimes it’s required to delete variable valve timing while deleting DoD, you are going to need higher performance pushrods paul spaghetti different lengths you are going to need a stronger valve spring.
DOD Delete kit using texas speed components below are more options. Basically gm AFM or DOD is a badly engineered system and sometimes needs to removed all together.


🥇 Top best dod delete kit 5.3

#1 GM Chevy Active Fuel Management AFM DOD Disable Kit for 5.3L engines Delete Kit

(Programming vehicle is required) Includes Non AFM camshaft (send us your 8th digit if unsure) (GM12689035) Set of 16 Roller Lifters New Head Bolts (TTY) New Lifter Trays New Crankshaft Bolt (TTY) Upper End Gasket Set (MLS style) GM non AFM Valley Plate (GM12598832) Timing Cover Gaskets This Kit will replace the system for the Active Fuel Management. Reprogramming is required! Eighth digit of VIN is “0,3, or J”

🥇Best DOD delete kit 1🥇Best DOD delete kit 2
  • GM Brand Non AFM camshaft – Single Bolt (we may sub Melling if GM on Back Order)
  • Set of 16 Roller Lifters
  • New Head Bolts and Upper End Gaskets- Send your 8th digit of vin code to ensure fitment
  • GM non AFM Valley Plate and (Programming vehicle is required)
  • New TTY Crank bolt and New Lifter Guides


#2 Active Fuel Management Disable Kit compatible with GMC CHEVY LS 5.3L 6.0L 6.2L L92 L99 AFM DOD

This kit is a compatible replacement for and includes everything needed to disable the AFM DOD (Active Fuel Management) from 08-11 GM 5.3L 6.0L 6.2L L92 L99 engines.Using a factory DOD camshaft with this kit is not recommended and may result in a misfiring engine. USE the replacement cam of your choice!! A programmer capable of disabling the displacement on demand is needed to complete DOD removal.

🥇Best DOD delete kit 3🥇Best DOD delete kit 4
  • Genuine GM brand non-AFM/DOD valley plate and (Programming vehicle is required)
  • Engine runs on 8 cylinders continuously!
  • Programming of computer is required afterwards
  • Factory DOD camshaft must be replaced with this kit!

#3 GM 5.3L AFM/DOD Active Fuel Management Lifter Replacement Kit Gasket Set

Anything that affects oil pressure to the AFM lifters will cause AFM lifter failures. This includes failed oil pump, restricted oil pickup, leaking cam retainer plate or ANYTHING that reduces oil flow to the VLOM. Oil pressure alone is not a good indicator

🥇Best DOD delete kit 5🥇Best DOD delete kit 6
  • 2007-2014 5.3 with vin j,0,3,7
  • Dorman Deactivation Manifold
  • New TTY Head Bolts
  • Valve Grind Gasket Set including MLS Head Gaskets
  • New lifter guides and NEW Full Set of Lifters

🥇 TOP Best dod delete kit 6.0

#1 6.0 Blue Spring Kit Upgrade

🥇Best DOD delete kit 7🥇Best DOD delete kit 8
Increase fuel pressure for increased performance. This upgrade will increase the fuel pressure 10-15psi on your 6.0 powerstoke. Increases the life of fuel injectors too. Easy To Install. The 6.0 blue spring kit includes all the gaskets, seals, bolts, spring, and regulator housing needed for installation. This fuel regulator kit includes a detailed installation video (link included in packaging) with step by step instructions for the blue spring upgrade. Fits Ford 6.0 Powerstroke F250, F350, F450, F550 model years 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

#2Ford Powerstroke 6.0 Glow Plug Harness Kit Compatible Replacement

🥇Best DOD delete kit 9🥇Best DOD delete kit 10
  • Complete replacement kit for 6.0 glow plug harness. Includes BOTH LEFT and RIGHT wire harness. Included Removal Tool allows you to easily remove the factory connectors from your 6.0 glow plugs.
  • OEM Quality wire harness. LIFETIME WARRANTY. Replaces Ford OEM# 5C3Z-12A690-A and 4C2Z-12A690-AB
  • Easily change your Ford 6.0 glowplug harness with the step by step installation video provided after purchase.
  • Save HUNDREDS by replacing the 6.0 glow plug harness yourself.
  • Fits Ford 6.0 Powerstroke Diesel including F250 Super Duty, F350, F450, Excursion, E350, E450 6.0L model years 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

#3 6.0L Powerstroke STC HPOP Fitting Update

🥇Best DOD delete kit 11🥇Best DOD delete kit 12
  • Replacement HPOP Kit – The high pressure oil pump upgrade kit HPOP is designed to replace the problematic snap to connect STC fittings on your Ford 6.0L Powerstroke diesel. This kit includes all the necessary pieces to replace the faulty factory parts that cause difficult or no start engine conditions.
  • Includes all necessary parts for install and updates your Powerstroke to the latest oil pump revision. This is a complete high pressure oil pump kit HPOP and includes all necessary gaskets, seals, hardware, fittings, and f-fitting for installation.
  • Replaces Ford part # 4C3Z-9B246-F and 4C3Z 9B246 F The STC HPOP kit fits Ford 6.0L Powerstroke diesel trucks including the F250, F350, F450, and F550 from model years 2004.5, 2005, 2006, 2007
  • OEM Fit, Quality, and Finish. This is NOT a genuine Ford or Motorcraft part. This part is however manufactured to exceed the factory specifications. Each high pressure oil pump kit comes complete with a LIFETIME Warranty.
  • Installation video is included. As an added bonus each HPOP STC oil pump kit comes with a link to a step-by-step installation video. This video will go over the procedure for installation on your Ford 6.0 Powerstroke F250, F350, F450, or F550.
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